My name is Rich Davila and I live in Boise Idaho. My passion in life is hunting coyotes. I have been hunting coyotes for about 17 years. I have tried a variety of hunting strategies but in my opinion nothing beats calling in a coyote with a hand call. I have been a predator call collector for several years and have over 200 calls. I have tired virtually every hand call strategy that I have come across from rabbit distress, howling, estrus chirps, bird sound, fighting/growling sounds to some things that do not have names. To me there is nothing better than sitting in the Idaho desert and singing a predator song with a hand call and having something show up to see what all the commotion is about. I have made it my quest to get to know some of the top predator callers. I hunt every chance I get. I practice making sounds every single day. In my day job, I own an executive career search consulting firm with four employees and get to work with some of the sharpest people in Idaho as well as a couple other businesses I am involved in.
     I have tried just about all the calls out there and came to know Yellerdog calls when I went in search of parts to build my own. I have spent hundreds maybe even thousands of hours practicing different sounds and talking to other callers to hear what works for them. When I decided to make my own calls I was looking for what I considered the best quality and most realistic sounding calls available. I have bought just about every tone board and call I could find (not to mention piles of money) and settled on the Yellerdog calls. In my honest opinion and as a result of many hours of testing, I have not found any line of calls and call parts that will create more realistic and loud predator sounds than Yellerdog. 
     I am a passionate predator caller and love the sport. I am always willing to brainstorm with anyone interested to hear my thoughts.

Ben Van Wieren, 34, Holland Michigan.

     I grew up in South West Michigan and have spent the majority of my life in the outdoors. I caught the Predator bug around 2002, and soon after created the "Michigan Predator Hunting" online forum. I have been hunting Predators ever since. When I am not hunting Predators i am an avid Deer and Turkey hunter.

     My name is Ron Andres, and I live in Riverview, Michigan. I have been interested in fur-bearing animals since I was a kid. I started out running a small trap line before school inside the city limits. I quickly became fascinated with the idea of calling predators. I saw an ad in the Herter's catalogue for their Closed Reed Rabbit Screamer and just had to have one. That was the beginning. We did not have a lot of coyotes back in the southern part of my state in the seventies, so I targeted red foxes.
     In the early eighties, I killed my first coyote, and I was hooked. Dissatisfied with the quality of the calls and decoys back then, I sought alternatives. I tried making my own open reed call from deer horn, and I researched other products. During the latter, I exchanged some e-mails with a guy called Yellerdog, who was also interested in making a better call. In fact my first phone call to Lee found him working in his shop on the then un-named YDH1.
     Lee invited me on a hunt which I accepted against my wife's better judgment. She was worried, because I had never met Lee and "for all we know he could be an axe murderer." I assured my wife I would be safe as I would be carrying a rifle. My wife was relieved until it dawned on her that Lee would also be armed! Lee and I had a great first hunt together, getting a large male after only ten minutes of calling at the first stand.
     As Lee and I became friends and hunting partners, I stopped making predator calls. Instead I worked on carving and painting foam decoys for us. I was more than satisfied with Lee's calls, because of the diverse range of sounds they produce and the ease of blowing them. I never get winded using Lee's calls. I cannot say the same for some of the mass production calls on today's market.
     I find calling coyotes the most challenging and satisfying of all the hunting options available in Michigan. Even when a hunter is armed with the best calls and decoys, the coyote still remains a wily adversary.

Todd "Dogbreath" Sullivan