The Yellerdog Family

Yellerdog Predator calls are proudly made in Clinton, Michigan USA.

I am Lee Smith, the developer of Yellerdog Predator Calls.

Our manufacturing facility is located on W. Michigan Ave. (US 12).

The calling making business is a branch of L.M. Smith Enterprises, Inc. a family owned and operated Tool & Die and Manufacturing company specializing in gaging for automotive metal stampings as well as other tooling and fixturing.

I started my Tool & Die business in 1990. Since then we have supplied many quality products to automotive suppliers and manufacturers of a wide variety of other products.

I have now applied my engineering and manufacturing knowledge to predator calls.

Each call combines high tech design, precision machining and custom hand crafting and tuning. The result, some of the most effective and versatile predator calls ever made.

Try a Yellerdog call for yourself and see what you've been missing.

The real Yellerdog: The inspiration behind the name. Our Australian Red Heeler, who's real name is Lady.

I began calling her Yellerdog shortly after she wandered into our lives and the name has stuck with her.
Ol' Yellerdog has been the most loyal and loving companion that one could ask for and has been an important part of our lives since she took them over.

Contact Us

Phone: (517) 431-2305
Address: P.O. Box 547
Tecumseh, MI 49286